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You’re out there, with ideas that can change people’s lives. Could these ideas be held hostage while you are stuck working your job just to pay the bills? There are many motivators/coaches/books/websites/etc out there to help motivate you to take that leap of faith & dive into your project. But, let’s face it, most people cannot let go of the security that keeps them locked in a voluntary prison.

The content here will help you through that transition; survive your job so that you can live your life. It will be easier than ever to do what you love with that “stuck” feeling gone, stress levels reduced, and the courage to believe in yourself. If you can lean into what you have normally resisted before, you’ll find the confidence that will give you the life you’ve never had before.

Benefits of this free content:

  • Opens a unique perspective of doing what you love and working a job you think you need
  • Advice on motivating yourself & how to motivate others
  • Breaks down typical rules/processes in the workplace & the reason why so many employers have them

Where to begin?

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Thank you for visiting. I learned about these strategies and applied them to my job, writing each article in the midst of disorder. It was interesting to see how everything evolved. As time went on, many roadblocks would disappear. I began to understand that I get to decide how to respond to my situation. There was no need to control anything. This was a new way of interpreting my environment at work. And the results put me on another level.

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