Cube Cries

You’re sitting at your desk, working away. Your eyes are burning into your computer screen and you can hear the faint clicks of your keyboard. You are in the zone. Then all of a sudden your neighbor shouts, “OMG! Are you kidding me??” This fool just killed your work buzz. A cube cry is that […]


People that struggle to reach perfection don’t realize that they are already there. They already found their middle ground to produce good results. Do you get paid more for doing more? If you have a love for competition then you will need more purpose than just to triumph over all the little guys. How do […]

The Scorecard

What is a scorecard? The scorecard measures about everything you do and tracks how well you are performing. The big bosses set controls and guidelines of what you’re responsible for. Then you perform all of the non-automated value so the business can run smoothly. How well you accomplish this is all measured on your scorecard. […]