Be Your Own Boss. Any job can be stressful if viewed indifferently. A good way to help your own development is to think of yourself as an entrepreneur, be your own boss. If you want your business to succeed you have to adapt to the demands of your customers. With this flexibility, you can focus […]


Sometimes it’s easier to make predictions about other people instead of ourselves. It can be pretty tough to look at ourselves so objectively, especially when we don’t like what we see. If you’re fortunate to have some intelligent friends who are willing to make honest predictions about where you’re headed, have them share with you. […]

30 Day Trial

Since we are already well into the New Year, I’d like to challenge everyone to a 30 Day Trial. This is a great way to develop new habits or replace a bad one, and best of all it’s effective and simple. Here are some ideas you can try: Wake up early every day Make big […]