Resolve a Tiff with your Boss

Keep this in mind: Your boss does not employ you; the company does. If your boss is that botched up, and you buy into the idea that they may be overstepping their authority, how can you get this resolved? When your boss appears to be blinded, how do you get them to own up to […]

Be the Lighthouse

A lighthouse. It’s what you look for when heading back to land. When I see a lighthouse, I think of those big ships in stormy weather. The crew is looking for that lighthouse to know they’re close to land. It’s not like they didn’t expect bad weather, they just want to go back home. Have […]

The Donkey and the Steed

This was a conversation I had with my manager last year. The point was to explain why being in business for yourself is better than working for a large company, even if it’s not as profitable. Most people know that doing what makes them happy is the best way to go. But what if there […]

Mosquito Fan Trap

Don’t repel your mosquitoes, kill them. Spraying mosquito repellent on yourself is bad for your skin and it only keeps the mosquitoes away from you. But if you use a fan, you can trap them and reduce the mosquito population. Plus, the wind from the fan cools the area it’s pointing at, keeping mosquitoes away while […]

Motivate at Work

Here’s a quick email that you can send out to others on your team at work. The focus is to develop a small sense of community to make working with your peers more bearable. Obviously not everyone at work wants to move up in the ranks, or even stay with the company they work for. […]


Be Your Own Boss. Any job can be stressful if viewed indifferently. A good way to help your own development is to think of yourself as an entrepreneur, be your own boss. If you want your business to succeed you have to adapt to the demands of your customers. With this flexibility, you can focus […]


Sometimes it’s easier to make predictions about other people instead of ourselves. It can be pretty tough to look at ourselves so objectively, especially when we don’t like what we see. If you’re fortunate to have some intelligent friends who are willing to make honest predictions about where you’re headed, have them share with you. […]

30 Day Trial

Since we are already well into the New Year, I’d like to challenge everyone to a 30 Day Trial. This is a great way to develop new habits or replace a bad one, and best of all it’s effective and simple. Here are some ideas you can try: Wake up early every day Make big […]

Cube Cries

You’re sitting at your desk, working away. Your eyes are burning into your computer screen and you can hear the faint clicks of your keyboard. You are in the zone. Then all of a sudden your neighbor shouts, “OMG! Are you kidding me??” This fool just killed your work buzz. A cube cry is that […]


People that struggle to reach perfection don’t realize that they are already there. They already found their middle ground to produce good results. Do you get paid more for doing more? If you have a love for competition then you will need more purpose than just to triumph over all the little guys. How do […]