The Scorecard

What is a scorecard? The scorecard measures about everything you do and tracks how well you are performing. The big bosses set controls and guidelines of what you’re responsible for. Then you perform all of the non-automated value so the business can run smoothly. How well you accomplish this is all measured on your scorecard. […]

The End of Year Review

The inevitable End of Year review is around the corner and has already ran over your friends. You think about what you did wrong or could have done better. Hoping that your accomplishments would be recognized in that meeting. Don’t drill yourself into the ground yet. Experiencing your review is not as bad as fearing […]

How to Motivate

Motivating others starts with motivating yourself. Positive energy is very contagious; if you’re enthusiastic about reaching your goals, it’s much easier for others to be too. People are more disposed to respond to us if we are positive, and they avoid anyone broadcasting negativity. Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits thoughts, words, and […]