Mosquito Fan Trap

Don’t repel your mosquitoes, kill them. Spraying mosquito repellent on yourself is bad for your skin and it only keeps the mosquitoes away from you. But if you use a fan, you can trap them and reduce the mosquito population. Plus, the wind from the fan cools the area it’s pointing at, keeping mosquitoes away while you’re outside.

What you need:

Some window screen

Homemade bug spray
(water + alcohol)

Magnets or Clips

18″+ Drum fan

1. Cut off enough window screen to cover your fan.
2. Cover the fan with your window screen.
3. Use the magnets/clips to secure the screen onto the fan.
4. Done! Set it outside and let it run overnight.
5. While the fan is still running, grab your spray bottle (with 50/50 alcohol and water) and spray the back of your fan to kill the mosquitoes.
6. Remove your screen and use something to tap the mosquitoes off. I lay the screen outside somewhere to feed frogs, lizards, birds, etc.

DO NOT turn the fan off. The fan sucks up mosquitoes that fly near and traps them against the window screen. Let it run constantly before spraying the mosquitoes. If you turn it off before you spray, the mosquitoes will fly away. And then they’ll breed. Creating more and more mosquitoes.

COST: about $99 for everything



10 interesting mosquito facts:


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