People that struggle to reach perfection don’t realize that they are already there. They already found their middle ground to produce good results. Do you get paid more for doing more? If you have a love for competition then you will need more purpose than just to triumph over all the little guys. How do you think you’ll feel when you find out you have already won?

I see some top performers fighting so hard to keep their numbers up that they make everything look so difficult. These guys have got it all wrong. Sprinting full-time to the finish line will put you out of breathe before you even get there. You may be ahead of the pack but you won’t be at your best. What matters is the progress you made and your effort to continue.

If you set a goal and you don’t want to work on it, you probably don’t want it. Find something that you’re comfortable reaching for. Then go for that instead.

It’s good to have short wins. That well earned progress will make you feel better about progressing even further. Nobody goes from beginner to flawless in one night. If you’re already a rockstar at what you do, that’s great. Although, being so efficient has also made you a better grunt worker for that business. It’s okay to have pride in what you do. Just don’t go all-in without knowing what game you’re playing.


The Workplace

Have you noticed that the system that you’re in isn’t entirely perfect either? They do the best they can to structure everything around you but it’s never really finished. There are always some improvements being made and a little tweaking to match the company demand. That’s the business evolving, not being perfect.

Does your large successful company provide you with up-to-date technology? I bet your using materials that are more cost effective than perfect. They make changes with many different variables to consider. Mainly customers but also the law, employees, appearances, politics, etc. There is just no way to be perfect in all of these categories. They’re always fluctuating. Even with changes they need you performing well enough to handle the customer demand.


Passion for Customers

Your core knowledge and deep compassion to truly help your customers is not something that can be measured. There isn’t a way to quantify how much of your awesomeness is being broadcasted. So your company will not look at these initiatives when scoring you as a good employee. But don’t let this be a justification for you to be the worse performer. You’ve chosen to remain at your job so you can at least be kind to people. Not because your job wants you to, but because it is how you would want to be treated. Plus, bombing your performance will put too much attention on you.The point here is to stay off the radar and farm your wages. Those “perfect” performers are often put under a microscope and searched for errors anyway. Don’t worry about being perfect.

Is your current job something that you want to be doing in the next 10years? Can you be sure that you’re even in the right business? If no, then there is no point of pushing yourself beyond stressed to achieve the perfect score. Good employee or not there’s no sense in putting that pressure on yourself. You must accept the mistakes you make.

The progress of what you’re doing is what creates results, not your intention to be perfect. The more you cling to perfection, the more your little mistakes will frustrate you. So let it be okay. Don’t let frustration be your automatic response when you make a mistake. Learn from it and move on. Adapting and evolving your personal style is the solution, not perfection.


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