Sometimes it’s easier to make predictions about other people instead of ourselves. It can be pretty tough to look at ourselves so objectively, especially when we don’t like what we see. If you’re fortunate to have some intelligent friends who are willing to make honest predictions about where you’re headed, have them share with you. You’ll find it very eye-opening to have a sincere discussion on this subject.

However, this will require turning off your ego as much as possible and really listening, which isn’t easy for most people to do. Learn from this information, don’t challenge it.

Try this: Make some predictions about where you’ll be in one year, but base your predictions only on hard factual evidence from the past 30 days of your life. Assume those same patterns in every area will continue for another 12months.

Use this time frame to predict where you’ll be in a year. Then project those same patterns forward in your life. Where will they lead if you repeated the patterns of the past 30 days for the next 12 months?

A huge part of aligning yourself is being able to make honest, objective predictions about where you’re headed. How will different aspects of your life evolve over the coming year? In order to make accurate predictions, you cannot look to your goals or intentions. For all intents and purposes, you can considers goals and intentions irrelevant.

Imagine that you’re in a court of law that’s trying to make a ruling based on the facts of the case. Your goals and intentions are inadmissible as evidence because they aren’t hard facts. They’re merely opinions about what may be. In order to make accurate predictions of where you’re headed, you must look to your past and only the past. It’s your only reliable track record.

If you start to get emotional about your predictions, stop and take a break. This requires logical left-brained thought. Pretend for a moment that you’re Spock or Data, and make your best determination as to where the body you inhabit will be a year from now – in terms of your career, finances, relationships, health, daily habits, spiritual practices, etc.

So what if it takes a year? The time is going to pass anyway, and a year from now you’ll find this data very valuable. Would you rather feel fulfilled and open up that tremendous gift of growth, or would you rather have another normal day instead?


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