Resolve a Tiff with your Boss

Keep this in mind: Your boss does not employ you; the company does. If your boss is that botched up, and you buy into the idea that they may be overstepping their authority, how can you get this resolved? When your boss appears to be blinded, how do you get them to own up to their mistakes?

The relationship with your manager is the key to your happiness at work. If you’ve accidentally made your boss angry, don’t try to hide from him/her. Take the lead and resolve the problem.


Here’s how: Don’t retreat. Resist the urge to avoid your boss or sweep the conflict under the rug. That will only build up tension for both of you. When you’re feeling calm and rational, go see your boss to clear the air. Throw yourself into the Lion’s Den. You taking responsibility is a good thing, not a bad thing. Instead of gossiping, talk the situation over with a trusted friend or colleague to get perspective. Not everybody sees things from your point of view. Own the mistake and offer a solution. Even if it’s not entirely your fault, your boss will appreciate you taking responsibility for your part in it, and trying to resolve it. They may be reacting disproportionately for reasons you can’t see in the moment. Try to understand their perspective too.


What are the other options?


HR. There are plenty of people just like you that work in HR call centers (some are even 3rd parties). If you feel too uncomfortable with approaching your boss in person, you can try this option. But the most these guys can do for you is give general advice or pass your problems on to others. Even filing an official HR complaint can just add to the stack of complaints before yours. Ever heard of people sticking around after multiple HR complaints? It’s more common than you think.

Going over your boss’ head? Be careful with this choice.. At 2 levels up, that person’s job is to make sure your boss is doing theirs. And most of the time, they’re the ones that make the decisions about your advancement, transfer, and pay. Your boss’ boss will likely side with whoever is enforcing you. As long as you are working and the wheels keep turning, everything can be business as usual. If your issue doesn’t impede the success of the company, you’ll want to keep the matter as local as you can.


If you have no where else to go, your default option is time. Time heals all ailments. But if time draws out like a blade, then go to the source. Talk to your boss. Courage and honesty are far better values for you than fear or anxiety.



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