The Scorecard

What is a scorecard? The scorecard measures about everything you do and tracks how well you are performing. The big bosses set controls and guidelines of what you’re responsible for. Then you perform all of the non-automated value so the business can run smoothly. How well you accomplish this is all measured on your scorecard.

It’s a tool. It is the best motivation tactic to get you to push your production. The better you’re performing, the faster your value is being delivered. Even when you have an off day you’ll still be peachy. If you don’t perform well by the company’s standards you probably won’t lose your job. You will just be seen as a low performer. But every pro-work boss loves looking at pretty numbers. Their results are a reflection of your team’s production. So there are definitely good reasons to perform well on paper. It can:

  • Open opportunities to do something different at work.
  • Smooth over the relationship with your boss.
  • Create a good healthy track record at that company.
  • Receive positive recognition for improving your results.
  • Give you peace of mind while farming your wages.
  • And more…

You can kiss ass all you want, but eventually the people that do lots of work will want to be recognized for it and should be. Dependable people inherit many responsibilities and they also reap the benefits of them.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have the perfect scorecard. Most people are still getting their paychecks, the same as you. While you struggle with perfection they manage lower stress levels and receive the same flow of income. What would you prefer?


 Where to Start

Show your positive intents to improve from where you stand right now, whether you’re performing poorly or not. Let your boss see the motivation and the efforts you’re broadcasting. Prove that you can accept a challenge at any time. If you can’t create strong positive emotions, then there’s no real desire. Intentions without desire have very little power to manifest. So you have to want what you’re trying to accomplish.

Set the scorecard goals as ground zero. Then work the system. Give yourself a good burst of production, just to see if you are capable of changing anything. Once you prove that you can work the system, you’ll generate good consistent results which will help give you a happier work life.

Don’t take the scorecard so seriously if you want to master it. Defining yourself to a job you dislike will only frustrate you. Give yourself some credit for the progress you make. You’re real value is rooted in who you are, not what you do for the man.


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