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What is Wagesurfer.com?


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The articles here will help you survive your job so that you can live your life. Reading Wagesurfer.com will arm you with a modern philosophy and perspective that they don’t teach you in orientation. Even when your job is out of your control, you can still create the environment you want to work in.

What can you expect to learn here?

  • Separate your real life from work life using a unique perspective.
  • Break down the rules in the workplace and why employers have them.
  • Discover that being at work is more than just earning a paycheck.

Most of us see our job as the only way to provide a way of life. Maybe that job can turn into a career and lead to better things. One day to elevate our status or make more money. More money, more problems SOLVED. Our dreams are important but we have needs and responsibilities right now. So we decided to keep the job. Running the endless gauntlet, hoping for the best. Sound familiar?

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What is Wagesurfer.com?

Wagesurfer.com is FREE! Each article is filled with captivating information that leads to a new appreciation of your work. In these pages you will find insight on:

  • How to go beyond a work/life balance
  • How to use adversity as an opportunity
  • How to accept your job for what it is

We have all been through the hilarious and the ridiculous at work. But having to endure all of that craziness can come at a cost. If you can lean into what you have normally resisted before, you’ll find the confidence that will give you the life you’ve never had before. When you adapt to your job’s environment, I promise you are not conforming. You are creating.

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I learned these strategies and applied them to my job, writing each article amid the disorder. It was fascinating to see how my perspective started to evolve at work. I eliminated that “stuck” feeling, reduced my stress, and transformed the workplace into my playground. The barriers & roadblocks I saw in the beginning began to disappear. I had more awareness of how to respond to any situation. There was no need to control anything. And that realization changed everything.

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