Motivate at Work
Motivate at Work

Motivate at Work

Here’s a quick email that you can send out to others on your team at work. The focus is to develop a small sense of community to make working with your peers more bearable. Obviously not everyone at work wants to move up in the ranks, or even stay with the company they work for. So this is tailored to them. The innovation statement at the end is my motto at work, you can use that too. Although, I encourage that you take a second and personalize your own and post it up at work, spread it around. Encourage others to be unique and motivate them to come together. What defines you at work? What makes you different from everyone else?



August is the month that we all come together. It’s time to learn how to make smart choices to get us where we want to go. If being here is just a stepping stone for you, how solid do you want your footing to be? The time is going to pass anyway.. The question is, what are you going to do with it?

You are not only going to be learning from myself, but you’ll also be learning from everyone else on the team. And you’ll be sharing the bits and pieces you’ve figured out as well. You’ll be actively learning, exploring, contributing and comparing. This is what you need to continue forward.

The goal is to challenge, uplift, and encourage everyone on the team – to come together as a team, so we can individually and collectively identify our best opportunities for the road ahead. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE. We invite and enjoy a lot of help and support here. I certainly wouldn’t have reached this point on my own.

You don’t need to see our leaders as the “goal”. Stop and take a second. What’s all this hard work for? This is your life, and you are the only one responsible for it’s experiences. Let’s fill August with plenty of good ones 🙂


We got this like it already happened!

I value Innovation. I commit to inspire excellence by challenging the status quo and encouraging a forward thinking environment. Everything isn’t always in a pretty box. Innovation not only takes creativity and critical thinking, but it also takes courage. I commit to take the time to appreciate each team member and really become open to new ideas, not just the easy ones with very little risk or reward. As a team, we will exceed customer expectations and transform possibilities into realities.


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