What is Wagesurfer.com?

What is Wagesurfer.com?

Wagesurfer.com is FREE! Each article is filled with captivating information that leads to a new appreciation of your work. In these pages you will find insight on:

  • How to go beyond a work/life balance
  • How to use adversity as an opportunity
  • How to accept your job for what it is

We have all been through the hilarious and the ridiculous at work. But having to endure all of that craziness can come at a cost. If you can lean into what you have normally resisted before, you’ll find the confidence that will give you the life you’ve never had before. When you adapt to your job’s environment, I promise you are not conforming. You are creating.

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I learned these strategies and applied them to my job, writing each article amid the disorder. It was fascinating to see how my perspective started to evolve at work. I eliminated that “stuck” feeling, reduced my stress, and transformed the workplace into my playground. The barriers & roadblocks I saw in the beginning began to disappear. I had more awareness of how to respond to any situation. There was no need to control anything. And that realization changed everything.

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